Find the Lync Front End server that generates the Address Book files

As part of the Lync Address Book process, one of the steps is the creation of the Lync Address Book files on the Lync share. In an Enterprise Pool, it is not clearly visible which Front End server is generating the Address Book files on the Lync share.

During the deployment of an Enterprise pool, the Front End responsible for this task is chosen automatically. In most cases this will be the first Front End server deployed. In the event of a failure of the responsible Front End server, the Address Book Service will move to another Front End. The Front End that is managing this task is not configurable.

In case of troubleshooting the Address Book Server, you can use the following two methods to find which Lync Front End server is generating the Address Book files:

  1. Check the eventviewer on each Front End in the pool and look for the events generated by the LS Address Book Server.
    When the process is starting, it will begin with the following event.

    Log Name: Lync Server
    Source: LS Address Book Server
    Event ID: 21005
    Level: Information
    Synchronization pass started.

  2. Start the Lync Management Shell and run Debug-CsAddressBookReplication cmdlet. This will return the Task Owner Fqdn, which is the server responsible for the Address Book Service at that time.
    Pool Fqdn :
    Replication State : NotTested
    Task Owner Fqdn :
    Backup Fqdn :
    Server Heartbeats : {Microsoft.Rtc.SyntheticTransactions.Activities.Database.AbServerHeartbeat, Microsoft.Rtc.SyntheticTransactions.Activities.Database.AbServerHeartbeat, Microsoft.Rtc.SyntheticTransactions.Activities.Database.AbServerHeartbeat}
    Indexed Object Count : 100000
    Objects not indexed that should be : 0
    Abandoned objects : 0
    Normalization Failure Count : Not checked
    Normalization Failures :

Besides the information regarding the task owner, you can also find how many objects are indexed by the Address Book Server on this specific pool. In this case the Object Count is 100.000.

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